Construction Updates


The months of December and January saw an abundance of home construction activity continuing on site, including the construction of our much anticipated park front terrace homes. At Amity, you can choose from a wide range of home sizes, floor plans and finishes. Each design and finish has been carefully selected and rigorously refined to ensure you have a quality-finished home. From the largest, right through to the smallest detail, each Amity home has been designed and built with no compromise. We expect to welcome our first Amity residents in early February, with many homes now complete or nearing completion.

As you can see in the flyover video above, our civil team is nearing completion of stage 3 and 10 (80 lots). We currently expect registration of these stages to occur in late February. Landscape works in these stages are now underway and include an incredible central hilltop park located at the centre of Amity which features a grassy kick and play area, basketball half court, picnic area and a large playground area. We envisage this will be the focal point for family fun for our community at Amity.