Construction Updates


Magnus is progressing exceptionally well. Within a week we will have completed the prototype unit which will be the benchmark for all units in the development. All kitchens up to level 5 have been installed as has the bathroom vanities and bedroom wardrobes. Tiling to bathrooms is completed on Levels 1-6 and tap ware has begun to be fitted off.

On the lower levels the final trades to go through are the timber floors, carpet and final painting. Within the next month we will begin finishing units completely, defecting them and then locking them off for settlement. Externally the scaffold will commence to come down within the next two weeks to reveal the façade of the building.

We are very excited to see the final look of the building and will keep all purchasers updated as this happens. Settlement is still predicted for February 2018 so it is time to start thinking about finance for settlement.

For further information, contact us on: 0400 064 774 or register here on the Magnus Website.